Ohad Aloni - CV (Résumé)

Eve (C )/The EKG Visualization Environment
Imagine sitting on a park bench some 100 yards from someone
you know really well who sits on a bench across, in the distance.
They are too far away to be recognized,
but as soon as they get up and walk,
you'll know who they are.

The Electrocardiogram is a vital examination
as a preliminary evaluation of all hospital patients
as well as many others.

Often it takes place by doctors not specializing in cardiolgy
for the lack of resources and wide need of this examination,
especially in developing countries.

The doctor looks at the EKG graphs,
and identifies the common patterns of known
and well classified electrical heart problems.

EVE speeds up the process of identifying these patterns
by use of the inherrent pattern regonigtion capacity of the human brain (the doctors').

Eve also enables the EKG data to travel to internet to be collected
from a patient in one localtion, while analysed in another.

It displays a visual representation of the EKG graphs, in realtime,
thereby trasposing the X axis of time, to time itself,
allowing the brain to use its automaic pattern recognition capabilities.

Eve thus allows easy access to quality preliminary EKG analysis in high quantity
across the globe.

All the source code on this site is in the public domain
© Ohad Aloni 2020