Ohad Aloni - CV (Résumé)

Experience/2013-2017 Bidder (KeypointMedia/PLYmedia/Edge226)

Development of an RTB bidder spanning dozens of hardware endpoints in the google cloud.
The bidder responds to more than 50,000 requests per second, within 20 milliseconds (each).
It receives ad space traffic from RTB exchanges,
matches it with campaign information in its database,
and places bids to purchase the ad space.
It learns the traffic by monitors its profit performance,
thereby deciding the price of the bid.
The bidder was first developed at Keypoint Media,
a company to be aquired by PLYmedia.
PLYmedia later transfomed to become Edge226.

All the source code on this site is in the public domain
© Ohad Aloni 2018