Ohad Aloni - CV (Résumé)

Software Engines/The Software Engine Product
Software Engines develops an application generator called Software Engine.
The software facilitate the creation of WEB applications.
It is written in C.
The company also provides outsource development using its product.

The product was first used by several Wall Street firms
for the creation of decision support systems for trading desks at
Lehman Brothers, Nomumra Secuirties and Salomon Brothers.

Over 1000 of Software Engine are sold to Ericsson Telecommunications, Italy division.

J.Crew first shopping cart on the WEB is created using Software Engine
as a joint semi-outsource effort between the two companies.

catalogfactory.com is a complete WEB hosted and managed shopping service
created at Software Engines to deliver small/medium sized internet vendors
a comprehensive computer-less internet shopping experience.

All the source code on this site is in the public domain
© Ohad Aloni 2018